Articles and Blog Posts

(2015 to present) Times of Israel blog posts

(2018) Moshe Unburdens Himself on the 929 website

(2017) Three midrashim in Dirshuni: Midreshei Nashim, Volume II

(2017) On Nehama's Yahrzeit, Thinking About Zeitgeists in Lehrhaus

(2015) "Dr. Nehama Leibowitz and the Revolution in Bible Study" in Torah and Western Thought: Intellectual Portraits of Orthodoxy and Modernity, published by YU Straus Center for Torah and Western Thought.

(2015) "I'd Recommend Myself, But I Have No Experience" in The Paid and Published Writer, ed. Jacob Jans.

(2014) Prayer for good choices on

(2014) Guest post on Jewfem

(2014) Parshat Behaalotecha for Limmud on One Leg

(2013) Rabbi Google and I (on individualism, internet & halacha, a Cardozo Academy Think Tank article) on

(2013) Bibliodrama as Embodied Knowledge on

(2013) Choose, Don't Refuse - Jewels of Elul IX

(2013) "Bibliodrama as a form of Interpretative Play" in Conversations 15 (special issue): Where the Yeshiva Meets the University: Traditional and Academic Approaches to Tanakh Study.

(2012) Parshat Vayechi for Limmud on One Leg

(2012) "Nehama Leibowitz" in Handbook of Women Biblical Interpreters, (ed. Marion Taylor, Agnes Choi), Baker Academic Press, Grand Rapids, MI

(2011) The truth about truth - David Cardozo Academy TTP (Thought To Ponder)

(2010) "Torah - a life giving medicine" in Emor vol. I

(2009) The limits of the Orthodox classroom in Conversations 4 (Spring 2009), Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals

(2008) Nehama Leibowitz for

(2008) "Drama as an effective tool for deepening Jewish identity" in Jewish Educational Leadership (Lookstein journal)

(2008) "Purim unmasked" for Melting Pot cookbook (ed. Dafi Kremer), Dani Books publishing. 

(2008) Pure Zealotry, Pure Commercialism in IsraTimes, issue 24.

(2008) The HaTikva, Ta Shma brochure for UJIA

(2008) Parshat Beshalach for Limmud on One Leg

(2004) “Nehama Leibowitz” for Jewish Women: A comprehensive historical encyclopedia.

(2003) Rosh Hashanah, Ta Shma national brochure

(2003) Shavuot, Ta Shma on WZO website

(2003) Weekly portion of Vayikra, Ta Shma 

(2003) “Nehama Leibowitz” for MaTaN Batmitzvah Kit.

(2003) “If You Seek Him With All Your Heart: Nurturing Total Individual Growth in Yeshivah” in Wisdom From All My Teachers: Challenges and Initiatives in Contemporary Torah Education, (eds. Prof. Susan Handelman, Rabbi Jeffrey Saks.)

(2000) “The Voice in the Shofar” in Torah of the Mothers: Contemporary Jewish Women Read Classical Jewish Texts, (eds. Prof. Susan Handelman, Dr. Ora Wiskind Elper)


Book and Play reviews

(2018) Jews in the Age of Authenticity in Lehrhaus

(2018) From Forbidden Fruit to Milk and Honey in Lehrhaus

(2017) The Paradise Ghetto in the Jerusalem Post

(2017) What Ifs of Jewish History in the Jerusalem Post

(2016) The Sensual God in the Jerusalem Post

(2015) The Gate of Tears in the Jerusalem Post

(2013) In the Courtyard of the Kabbalist in Ha'aretz

(2013) Soul Doctor in Hadassah Magazine

(2013) King of the Class in the Jerusalem Post

(2010) From the Four Winds in Ha'aretz

(2010) A Heart Afire in Ha'aretzSave & Close

(2009) Drawing in the Dust in Ha'aretz

(2008) Ray Bradbury's Collected Stories in the Short Review

(2002) Pirkei Nehama in the Jerusalem Post

(2001) The Daughters Victorious in Le’eyla magazine


Journalistic Pieces

(2000) “The Rabbi and the Heretic” in the Jerusalem Post

(2000) “What’s in a (street) name?” in WIN (women’s internet magazine)



(2001) Writer/assistant for TV shorts on Jewish themes, Keshet Television Productions