Lecturing Testimonials:


It was such a pleasure and privilege to have you as Scholar in Residence at South Hampstead this Shabbat. Your topics were fresh and original and you really brought them to life. It was fascinating to viscerally experience Yosef’s time in prison in the bibliodrama, understand the Chanukah miracle in the context of Israel’s military history and use accounts of Rabbi Akiva’s relationship to explore essential themes of love and faith. Wow! We were all riveted - I only wish I had notes to refer back to so I could keep hold of the details. 

- Jane Tobin Green, South Hampstead Synagogue, London, England


Ms. Unterman spoke at our shul as a scholar in residence and was outstanding.... she made you want to go out and study more Nehama. Her talk on "The Day Ben Azai Died", a tale of spirituality beyond the ordinary" was fascinating. She took us through the various passages of Talmud, making the text alive and accessible to all. Her personal reflections on these texts and topics really bring you in and she creates a real intimacy with the audience as she lets you in to her world view... She has my highest recommendations.

- Rabbi Joel M. Finkelstein, Anshei Sphard-Beth El Emeth Cong. Memphis, TN


Yael's creative ability to empathize with her audience  and her gift for communicating complex Torah ideas makes her a sought after teacher.... From high school students to seniors, everyone was swept up with Yael's riveting approach and her broad knowledge of both Torah and Madah.... I recommend her as a gifted teacher and scholar who will bring creative Torah knowledge and inspiration wherever she teaches.

- Lynnie Mirvis, educator and storyteller


Dear Yael,
It was such an honor for our Rabbinical School - Yeshivat Chovevei Torah - to have you as a guest lecturer this past month. The students and members of our faculty really enjoyed your content and the manner in which you were able to express your ideas. It was really a treat and I hope that you can come back next year when you are in the States again.

- Rabbi Dov Weiss, Director of Operations, Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School


Yael spoke at large public gatherings with nearly 150 people, ranging from 9th graders to adults; she taught several small classes of 10th and 11th graders; and she gave an interactive, dvar-torah like lesson for a select group of potential donors at a private reception.  In all, she excelled.  From the engaging overview of Nehama Leibovitz that she did in the largest forum; to the dynamic text-centered study she lead with the sophomores; to the spiritual journey into tefillah that she helped the juniors navigate; to the inspiring call to action she made to those knowingly being solicited:  it was an extraordinary one-day effort from a bright and apparently tireless woman!

If you are looking for a Judaics scholar who is warm, intelligent, passionate, open-minded and has a sense of humor, Yael Unterman should be on your list!

- Stuart J. Dow, Head of School, The Emery/Weiner School