I've been writing poetry from a young age, penning my first book of poems at age 9 (with illustrations!)

At Bar Ilan University, as part of the MA programme in Creative Writing, I studied poetry writing with an excellent teacher, Linda Zisquit, who opened my eyes to many new and wonderful poets. Every year there is a poetry reading by the Bar Ilan poets at the Tmol Shilshom cafe, organised by Ira Director, and I have read at four of these events.

I have also read and performed my poetry at Def Jams and poetry slams in Israel, USA and UK. I particularly like performance poetry/spoken word, for its vigor and the use of the body to emphasize the rhyme and rhythm. It was this genre that inspired the form I gave to my play, After Eden.


Reading my poem "Duplicity" at Tmol Shilshom, 2009. Click image for poem.


Poems - published/awards

(2013) Im Ninalu in Degel magazine

(2012) Tisha Yarchei on www.layda.org

(2010) Whitewash, runner up in LSJS poetry competition (and it inspired a painting by Aryeh Vardi

(2009)  Deborah, 2nd prize in LSJS competition for Biblically-themed poetry

(2003)  Silencing the Sirens in Heartbeats II (ed. Shoshana Lepon)

(1998)  Moshe in Zapta (Yakar, ed. Mark Kirschbaum)

(1994)  Intensity, The Didact in The Muse (Bar-Ilan University journal)