45-60 minutes life coaching

for only 100 NIS instead of 250 NIS*


It's Elul time already, Rosh Hashanah is coming up. Are you thinking "Argghhh! I want to make positive change in my life - but I said that last year too! How on earth can I make this happen???"

We have an answer for you!
Dreaming of a new career or relationship? Increased self confidence? An increase in income? A healthy work/life balance?
Imagine yourself handling relationships, work, money, or health challenges with skill, calm, and ease. See yourself waking up each morning with a smile on your face, peace of mind in your heart.

Now is the time to take stock, reflect, plan ahead and take ACTION in your personal and professional lives. We, a group of talented, diverse and professional coaches, are offering you a 45-60 minute strategic coaching session at the greatly reduced price of 100 NIS to help you jump start your dreams into reality. Give yourself and/ or someone you love a special gift this New Year.

Contact us at http://www.jelc.info/jelc and create the life you've been dreaming of NOW!


1) Not for use in return visits to same coach, which will be full price
2) Not for use by existing clients
3) Also on offer: The Journey and the Jasmine Lance Winners Circle (see website for more details): 200 shekels each
4) Offer expires October 31st 2011 for every coach except where noted explicitly on website.
5) Length of session will vary between coaches and depending on the issue being discussed .

* Representative Rate: Actual price varies from coach to coach