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   אימון חיים אישי בירושלים. עם יעל אונטרמן, מאמנת אישית דוברת עברית



     Gain belief in yourself and your talents

    Move on from being stuck, bored or lonely

    Achieve your goals

    Get clarity and make good decisions

    Find fulfillment and meaning, to understand your unique

    journey in life 


Life coaching is about facilitating real change, not just insight or analysis, in a relatively short space of time. Client and coach are partners in the process. My aim is for you walk out with a smile (not only on your face, but also in your heart).

Experience: Since I started coaching in November 2007, I have logged over 600 sessions.

Clientele: I work with intelligent, sensitive, creative individuals aged 20+, Hebrew or English speakers.

Method: I work at the physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual levels, using a variety of techniques and approaches.

Successes: I have seen clients make difficult decisions, move on to better jobs, express their talents, become more organized, become more authentic, and connect to their highest selves.

Cost: 250 NIS per session (around 1 hour 15 mins). Discounts available for the financially strapped.

> Click here for the Jerusalem and Environs Life Coaching Forum, of which I am a founding member.

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"Within two sessions Yael enabled me to see a stressful situation in my life in a different way. The new perspective that she opened up for me lowered my stress considerably, helped to diminish my resentment and led me to use time more effectively."

- S., 34

"In a very short time since I began seeing Yael, I was able to make major changes in my life, including: improving my financial situation, finding a job in a field that interests me, and taking risks towards fulfilling my potential and my dreams.  What is special about Yael's approach is the balance between her helping me focus on practical goals, while also exploring spiritual and emotional depths.  As a client, I greatly benefit from Yael's energy, creativity, faith and commitment." Yael Unterman – Jerusalem Life Coach

- A., 30

אני הגעתי ליעל טעונה ולחוצה להתקדם. יעל כיוונה אותי ונתנה לי עצות שימושיות שעד היום אני משתמשת בהם כדי להתקדם ולהשיג מטרות גדולות וקטנות בחיים. בניתי יחד עם יעל את הבטחון העצמי שלי. הכלים שהיא נתנה לי ישמשו אותי בעזרת השם לכל החיים

- ת., 22 


The Jasmine Lance Winners Circle


This amazing technique was originally developed by my friend, talented Australian Jasmine Lance. It helps with decision-making and creating clarity and calm.

People are complex, and at any given time we have a multitude of inner voices pulling us in opposite directions. In the Winners Circle, each voice is separated out and listened to respectfully, in the manner of conflict resolution. This creates order from chaos, and a decision can finally be made from a place of wisdom.

One-time experience, averages three hours. Cost: 300 NIS, discounts available to those who require them.

Jasmine Lance   


 Testimonials for Winners Circle

The Winner's Circle is a technique that has helped me become aware of and relate to various voices within me, which are regularly in combat with each other.  Bringing these voices to the surface and giving them an opening to speak out loud and come to some kind of "agreement" between them, magically frees up energy inside and helps me become "unstuck" as I struggle with various decisions in my life.  The technique has helped me deal with decisions regarding work, relationships, and life goals.

I had not made any major decision for the past few years. I posed a decision I was in conflict and agony about. Through doing the Winners Circle with Yael, I gained a clarity and understanding of the stuck situation I was in. Less than one week following the Winners Circle I had made the decision and was practically and actively pursuing it. It led me to form different relationships with certain voices in me that had been 'holding a strong grip on me', and to therefore gradually move on from that stuck place. I still have to rub my eyes to believe that I actually brought myself here and in such a short time.