I teach and lecture on subjects relating to Jewish text and life. The following is a sample of my lectures and shiurim, and I also run creative education sessions (more here).



  • Nehama Leibowitz: Reflections of a Biographer, Ten Years on.

  • Life Coaching and Jewish Sources. What is life coaching and how did ancient Jewish sources already predict this direction?
  • Unrequited Love. What happens when love is given but not returned in kind? An exploration of narratives.
  • The Moral Obligation to Care for the Wicked. While fighting evil, we cannot stop caring about evildoers. We must not be Noah, we must "be like Abraham."
  • The Hidden and the Revealed: Herod, the Blind Rabbi and the Flying Bird. Analysis of a Talmudic tale. AND/OR reading a story from my book "The Hidden of Things" and discussion of themes of hiddenness and openness.
  • Dem Bones, Dem Dry Bones. What is the correct balance of action versus restraint? Text and discussion.
  • Empathy and its Limits. A text-based discussion session on empathy
  • Rabbi Akiva and his Wife - Two Models of Relationship. In-depth text and discussion of a fascinating story.
  • Abraham, Moses, Rabbi Akiva and Herzl All Walk Into a Bar. The greatness of keen insight and vision in some important Jewish leaders   

  • The Four Sons revisited. A shiur for Pesach
  • Lonely Men and Women of Faith. Text-based reflections on various aspects and spiritual challenges involved in being single.