After Eden: A new experience of an old, old story

An original play, appeared in the US, UK, Australia & Israel. Featured in 2006 on Australian National Radio (to hear the radio show, containing excerpts of the play, click here).

Unusual, intense and thought-provoking interpretation of the Cain and Abel story. Five characters from the story each whirl inside their own thoughts about family, life, love, God and murder.

  • "Unique, never seen anything like it before."
  • "Exciting to watch."
  • "Incredibly brave, literary, moving and fascinating... and very entertaining!"
  • "Leaves us with some profound and  uncomfortable questions..."


Some responses from the programme:

"Your play was powerful, well-written, made the characters and the dynamics come to life...and it's amazing how you managed to get everyone going. At the beginning I was so tired, I couldn't imagine what it would take to get me to participate. but as you can see, that disappeared pretty quickly!"

"At times it reminded me of Shakespeare..."

"This is SO alive!"

"It was great fun! Your piece was tremendous."


This show is no longer available. Script is available upon request.