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We are a group of skilled and dedicated life coaches, specializing in various populations and approaches. We coach collectively in Jerusalem, Bet Shemesh, Efrat, Beitar Illit, Tel Aviv and over the phone. 



 Chagai Sofer: Women and Men, English and Hebrew. Certified NLP Master Practitioner and Master Hypnotherapist. Located in Jerusalem. Contact: Website



 Chaia-Zipporah Nicholls: Works with mothers - "If Mama Aint Happy Aint Nobody Happy"-  in English and Hebrew. She is a mama, a Certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner.  Chaia-Zipporah helps mamas who feel overwhelmed by the constant demands that are made on their time and energy with no time to recharge their own batteries. They want to be able to nurture themselves guilt-free. She helps them to find space for themselves (whether it is time to have a shower or time to focus on furthering their career!), whilst embracing their ever expanding life and enjoying their families. Located in Jerusalem. Website, phone 0545 282 992. Email to request a copy of your FREE E Guide - Creating Pockets of Time For Yourself. Phone coaching possible.


Eli Shine: English and Hebrew. Works with men in their 30s who are having trouble with dating, to discover what they can do to attract into their lives that special other. Eli uses his experience as a psychologist, therapist and coach to ensure that his clients overcome the challenges that are slowing them down, so that they can flow freely towards the things in life that they really, deeply want. "Luck is what happens when preparedness meets opportunity, and opportunity is always there!" Phone coaching available for clients worldwide, or in person in Jerusalem and Bet Shemesh. To find out more, email or call 052 643 7722.


 Helen Abelesz: English and Hebrew. Helps mothers who feel overwhelmed and have lost their confidence, to succeed in running a home and a family and feel good about themselves. Helen has helped mothers make real, lasting changes in their lives. This is their chance to focus on just themselves and how they can be the best person they can be. She is located in Bet Shemesh and offers phone coaching to anywhere in the world. Call now on 0544 829 815 or email


Meira Golbert: English and some Hebrew. Works with women, men and children as follows: (1) Life coaching for women only - interested in helping women over 35 to find their life partner and build a bayit neeman. (2) As a Practitioner of The Journey, developed by Brandon Bays, Meira works with women, men, and children over age 6 for most health and emotional issues. Seeing clients in Efrat, Jerusalem, Beitar Ilit. Available in person, by phone or Skype (meirajen). Contact:,  website Phone 050-722-3065, US phone 323-285-4914


Nachshon Carmi:  Adult couples and men, in Hebrew (first language) and in English. Nachshon specializes in counseling and coaching for all areas related to sexuality including sexual function, dating, aging, coping with fertility treatments, improving communication and intimacy skills. Offices in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Works with both religious and secular clients. Phone 054-924-9297; email leshem1969 at gmail dot com


Shulamit Lando: Men and women, in English, Hebrew and Spanish. Shulamit works with intelligent, self-aware, creative women and men aged 20 plus who are ready to find a solution for their obstacles, make decisions and live a meaningful life.  Having studied with a wide variety of teachers and with many years of experience, she specializes in relationships, sexual orientation, health issues, self-doubt, stress and anxiety, relieving trauma and achieving greater peace of mind. She is highly skilled at helping her clients discover their current strengths, and appreciate and use them to reach self-confidence and new self image. Located in Jerusalem. In person or Skype. Contact through website or call 054-4868739. 

 Tzippi Moss Women and men, English and Hebrew. Over 20 years experience helping folks become miracle makers and create the deep change they seek. Specializing in financial/abundance coaching, business coaching (especially those considering opening their own business or in early stages), couple's coaching, and managing  life transitions such as divorce, illness, job loss or career switch, empty nest, etc. Tzippi has also worked with many artists and creative types helping them to unblock their creativity, and clarify and manifest their vision. Her mission is helping people move beyond their fears and doubts to remembering how powerful and resourceful they really are. Phone or in person (located in southern Jm.). Experience with all realms of religious spectrum, including haredi. Website 052-563-8988.


Yael Unterman: Women aged 20 plus, English and Hebrew. Yael has a BA in Psychology (plus two MAs in other subjects) and is a certified coach. She works with intelligent, sensitive and talented women struggling to achieve self-fulfillment, balance and confidence. They achieve success, make decisions, become aware of the larger meaning in their lives, and their unique path and goals. They learn to embrace challenge as a wonderful opportunity for growth. Yael is also the sole practitioner in Israel of the powerful technique, the Jasmine Lance Winners Circle, for clarity, wholeness and decision-making. Located in Jerusalem - in person coaching preferred. Website Contact here or by phone 02-563-5052/ 054-578-4442.